Who Would You Rather: Jeremy Maclin Or Eric Decker?

Sports and Bets — June 7, 2017 at 4:51 pm by



With two wide receivers becoming available in the past few days, and the Ravens with an obvious need at the position, it’s time to ask, who would you rather (have on the Ravens, not bang)?

Maclin is coming off his least productive season as a pro, where he totaled just 44 catches for 536 yards and two touchdowns in 12 games, however he is only two years removed from a 1,000 yard season where he caught 8 touchdowns with the Chiefs. Decker played in only 3 games last year before his season ended with a shoulder injury, where he totaled 194 yards and two TDs.

Both Maclin (29) and Decker (30) are just about the same age, so that doesn’t really play an issue here.

Clearly either one of these receivers would be very. very welcome here in Baltimore, seeing as outside of Mike Wallace, the Ravens have no veteran receivers. But if I’m only choosing one (obviously assuming both are affordable/in the same price range), I would choose Decker for the Ravens. He’s got the size the Ravens need from a receiver, as he’s three inches taller than Maclin (6’3″ versus 6’0″), and provides a bigger target for Flacco to throw to. Both receivers are no stranger to the end zone, but Decker provides a bigger red zone threat, which is also something the Ravens have virtually none of. Maclin has more speed and is the better route runner, but speed is the one thing the Ravens actually have plenty of at receiver. Plus with Pitta going down, thus placing a lower emphasis on the tight end position, size will be important.

Let’s be honest, if either of these guys end up in purple and black, I’m pumped. The Ravens have arguably one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL. But adding one of these two certainly ups their ranking. I just hope the Ravens can land Eric Decker, and that, unlike in past years, Eric Decker doesn’t land too much on the injury report.


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