Who Has A More Punchable Face? Coach K or Thad Matta?

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The Terps got freakin’ waxed at Ohio State tonight.  It’s obvious that they’re a long way away from being a tournament team.  The Terps are a turnover machine, and they are soft as hell on defense.  Shaq Cleare where are you?  Jake Layman = invisible man.  Nick Faust might be the most infuriating player to watch in the history of college basketball. If I’m Coach Turgeon, I put all three deep on the bench.  But give me five Charles Mitchells, that kid’s got heart. And there still isn’t a real point guard on the roster.  You can’t put Dez Wells at point, he’s too talented at the 2 guard.  It says a lot about your squad when Varun Ram is your best option at point.  The Terps offense looked best when he was on the floor. (Defense is a different story though.)  It might be a long year in College Park.

But Coach Turgeon has the calvary coming next year with the 8th ranked recruiting class in the nation.  They can’t get here soon enough.

Meanwhile, tonight’s crushing has spawned some new hate.  I now hate Thad Matta.  His face is almost as punchable as Coach K’s.  Trade in old enemies for new ones as we enter the Big 10.


In the end though, old hate dies harder.  As far a college basketball goes, Coach K has the ultimate punchable face.


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