Who Else Is Gambling On NFL Football This Weekend? Wild Card Weekend Preview.

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It sure as hell is going to feel weird around here without the Ravens in the playoffs.  For five straight years we’ve been able to keep the season rolling into January.  But while the Ravens can’t win ’em all, that shouldn’t stop you from maximizing your weekend fun with a little sports wagering.  There are four NFL games this weekend, so if you still have a bankroll left, dive in babes, we sure are.



Chiefs at Colts (-1) It’s not uncommon for two teams to play each other in the regular season and then meet again when it really matters.   But it is odd when they end up playing twice in the course of three weeks.  The Colts dominated the week sixteen matchup between these two teams, turning the Chiefs over four times and harassing Alex Smith to the tune of  five sacks.  It may have been the worst game that Kansas City played all season.  But the Chiefs get offensive tackle Brandon Albert back for this one and I highly doubt that the Chiefs will put the ball on the turf as much as they did two weeks ago.  The Chiefs also get back D-End Justin Houston, who also sat out the game in K.C.  But Tambia Hall is questionable, and rookie O-Tackle Eric Fisher is now out for the Chiefs, which may cause O-Line matchup problems for Kansas City as they try to keep Robert Mathis off of Alex Smith.  Will it be a better game than two weeks ago?  Yes, but I don’t think the Colts lose this one at Lucas Oil field, a place where they beat the likes of Denver and Seattle this season.  The Colts will still pressure Smith, and they’ll be able to generate enough offense to beat the sagging Chiefs.  It’s tough to beat a team twice, but I’ll lay the point, and take the home team Colts.

Saints at Eagles (-2.5) This is a tough game to handicap.  Are the Saints really that bad on the road, or did they simply lose to teams due to bad luck or due to bad matchup issues?  The loss at New England was bad clock management and a stroke of bad luck.  The road loss to the Panthers was a last second Cam Newton drive loss to a division rival.  The losses to the Rams and Jets?  Ok those seem ugly.  Plus up in Philly, it is going to be fucking freeeeeeeezzing cold.   You would tend to think that that would benefit the Eagles and their great running game.  And the Eagles have that “hot” team feel to them right now.  Honestly this game  feels unbettable to me, but force me to pick, and I’ll take the Eagles on a hunch.

Chargers at Bengals (-7) This is another confusing mess.  The Bengals have already beaten the Chargers this year on the road in week 13 17-10.   San Diego turned the ball over three times at critical moments in that one, and the Bengals escaped SoCal with a victory.  The Chargers have also beaten the Colts, Eagles, Broncos, and Chiefs (twice).  But I don’t think that matters.  I think it’s time for the Bengals to make a run. They are 8-0 at home and they’ve been beating the crap out of teams of late.  Andy Dalton has struggled at times, but he’s got plenty of weapons and isn’t afraid to use them.  Laying a touchdown to a playoff team is always a huge risk, but I’ll do it while backing the best defense left in the AFC.  Who Dey?, babes.

49ers (-2.5) at Packers-  If I pick the 49ers, that will mean I’ll be taking every favorite this Wild Card weekend, which is probably a stupid ass thing to do.  So be it.  The 49ers will run the ball down the Packers’ throats all day long in the freezing temps of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Sure, Aaron Rodgers is back, but the Niners are the much better team.  Form matters, and no team is in better form than the San Francisco Forty Niners.  San Fran will limit the Pack Attack on offense, and keep Rodgers off the field with a solid run game and possession controlled passing game.  (Remember that guy Anquan Boldin?)   Lock it up babes.


On Saturday I’m rolling with the Colts minus the 2.5 at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.  These two teams met in Kansas City a few weeks ago and the Colts rolled.  The Chiefs ended the year losing five of their last seven games, and their defense that was relentless in their pass rush early in the year, has drastically come back down to Earth.
In the night game I’m gonna roll with the Saints getting 2.5 points in Philly.    Yes the Saints are not half as good offensively on the road as they are at home, but they are however battle tested in the post season.  Chip Kelly’s crew however are not, and that is the biggest reason I’m backing the Saints.  I feel like this game will come down to the fourth quarter, and I’ll take Drew Brees over Nick Foles in that situation any day.
On Sunday I’m gonna take both dogs, the Chargers visiting Cincy and Green Bay at home against the Niners.  I just have to see it in the playoffs from Andy Dalton and the Bengals before I can believe it.  They are 0-2 in the playoffs with Dalton at the helm.  Seven points to me is a little high for a team with that much to prove, so I ll roll the dice with Phillip Rivers and company.
In the Green Bay game I’m going with my gut here.  Most signs point to San Fran, that’s why they are favored by three in Lambeau, but I have a feeling that Aaron Rodgers and the Pack can be that team that makes an unprobable run through the playoffs.  Despite the fact that the Packers have not covered a single game against a playoff team this year, I’m guessing this will be number one.



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