Which Orioles Deserve To Make The All Star Game?

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All Star Game voting has already started, which in my opinion is absolutely insane, because the season is only a month old, but nevertheless the league is allowing us to vote, so get voting Birdland.

And since we’re not the 2015 Royals trying to put an outfielder with 22 at bats and literally the worst second baseman in the league in the game, let’s have a realistic look at which Orioles deserve All Star honors so far.


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First Base- Chris Davis- Davis is hitting an underwhelming .226 on the season, but he leads all AL first basemen with 7 home runs, and is tied for the lead with 17 RBI’s, along with playing Gold Glove calibur defense.




Second Base- Jonathon Schoop- Jonathon was supposed to break out this year, and he still might, but right now he is hitting for .224 average, and is 5 home runs and 14 RBIs behind leader Robinson Cano. Jonathon has potential to be an All Star second baseman, but this isn’t the year.

VERDICT- Not an All Star



Shortstop- JJ Hardy- Outside of the fact that Hardy is having a less than average season offensively, he’s now out 6-8 weeks. This one’s a no brainer.

VERDICT- Not an All Star



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Third Base- Manny Machado- Machado and Josh Donaldson are clearly the two American League All Star Third Basemen, but who should start? At this point, Machado is hitting .350 with 7 homers and 16 RBI, while Donaldson sits at .292, 9, and 21. You could make a case for either of these guys, and clearly they’ll both make the team, but I’ll go with Machado to start the game based on defense being the tie breaker.




Catcher- Matt Wieters- We were hoping Wieters would have a bounce back year before heading into free agency this offseason, but .218 with a homer and nine RBI’s ain’t cutting it. Sorry Wiet.

VERDICT- Not an All Star



Designated Hitter- Pedro Alvarez- Clear cut choice here. Alvarez has so far failed to live up to expectation. I do expect him to get hot sometime in the near future, but certainly not enough to lift him to All Star status.

VERDICT- Not an All Star




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Outfield- Adam Jones- I really hope this changes, and I know it will, but right now Adam’s .213 average with only a single home run and single digit RBIs are not looking good on that ballot. I’d feel okay voting for him, because I know those numbers will change, but as of right now it doesn’t look at all like you’d like it to.

Joey Rickard- We all fell in love with Joey this Spring, and he’s been a solid leadoff hitter for us, while playing good defense. But realistically he’s no where close to an all star player yet, and probably ever.

Mark Trumbo- His .337 with 8 bombs and 22 RBI look good on paper and on the field. Get this man the starting gig in Right Field All Star weekend.

VERDICT- Trumbo an All Star, Rickard and Jones are not.






There you have it, O’s fans. Chris Davis, Manny Machado, and Mark Tumbo are all starters in the All Star Game this year IMO. Let’s vote orange early and often, but let’s also not be the 2015 Royals and look like douche bags voting for guys who clearly don’t deserve it.



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