Where does Adam Jones rank among Oriole greats?

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Monday night was a big night for Adam Jones. Not only did he have a perfect night at the plate going 3 for 3 with a 2 run home run in the Orioles 6-3 over Tampa. Jones reached 1,500 hits for his career. Now being 31 years old for Jonsey to reach 3,000 it would take a herculean effort. When you look at most players to amass 3,000 hits it takes one of two things, sometimes both. Multiple 200 hit seasons (Ichiro had 10 straight 200 hit seasons) or you play for 20 or more years, ie. Cal Ripken Jr. but even the Ironman had a few 200 hit seasons sprinkled in there. For Jones the closest he’s got is 186 in 2012 & 2013. Still even if Adam jones doesn’t reach the 3,000 hit plateau his name deserves to be in the discussion for greatest Orioles of all time.

First let’s just look at all the main offensive numbers for Adam Jones. Let’s take a look at what we were just talking about, hits. Adam has 1,469 hits as an Oriole (32 in Seattle). In Orioles History he ranks seventh, next on the list is Nick Markakis who had 1,547 in orange and black. Next up is home runs, Jones has 226 HRs with the Orioles, which ranks 5TH behind Cal Ripken, Eddie Murray, Boog Powell & Brooks Robinson, pretty elite company there. In the RBI category Jones is seventh in franchise history with 740, behind Brady Anderson by only 4. His career batting average is .278 which is good enough for top 50 in Orioles history. Simply put Adam Jones has been the model of consistency for the Orioles. From 2011-2016 Jones has averaged 29 Home runs, 89 RBIs and hit .278. He can still be a tad frustrating at times at the plate but at the end of the season you know where his numbers will be. Also just as a side note all the stats and where he ranks I’m basing from 1954 to now. Sorry St. Louis Browns but not figuring your numbers in here. Just like people in this great state don’t consider the Indianapolis Colts to have 2 Super Bowls, they have one, the other is in Baltimore.

Now on to some personal accolades for Adam Jones. In five of the 8 seasons (not counting 2017 yet) Adam Jones has been named an All Star, he also has 4 gold gloves, he won it three straight times from 2012-2014. The highest Jones has ever finished in the MVP race was 6TH back in 2012, the Orioles first playoff season in 15 years. We can’t overlook that either, Jones has been a huge part in the Orioles turning around as a franchise, helping lead them to the playoffs in 2012, a division title in 2014 and a wild card berth last season.  Baseball is the ultimate team game and you can’t win without several key pieces.  Jones has been one of the biggest reason for the Orioles success since 2012.

So now to the hard part, you’ve seen the resume, now where does he belong? It would be tough to put him with who I like to call the Power 6. Cal, Eddie, Palmer, Frank, Brooks & Earl. They are the 6 numbers you see walking into the ballpark every night and the statues you walk by in the stadium. The one reason I can’t put Jones in with them yet is very simple, championships. Those 6 names all have won at least 1 championship with the Orioles and with a franchise that has so few, winning them puts you in an elite class. It also doesn’t hurt that they are also Hall of famers. With that being said Adam Jones to me belongs right outside the power 6 as one of the 10 best Orioles of all time.

That might be a tad controversial but the numbers don’t lie. When you look at longevity and the impact he’s made, Jones should go down as one of the best ever. By the end of his contract there is a good possibility he’ll be top 10 in almost every offensive category. He’ll most likely add a few more gold gloves and All Star game appearances as well. Sometimes Jones might not get the credit he fully deserves but how can you not want to start a franchise with a player of his caliber? Hopefully he plays beyond 2019 for the Birds, but even if he doesn’t I’m still willing to put him in the top 10. He is the face of the Baltimore Orioles and has been ever since he signed that long term deal in 2012. If he can bring a championship to Baltimore, then you’d have no choice but to put him amongst the best that ever wore an Orioles jersey.

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