What’s More Impressive From Last Night, Machado’s Home Run, Or Defensive Play?

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The best overall player in the game of baseball is up for debate. A lot of people here in Maryland will tell you it’s Manny Machado, and we’ve all got a good argument. But there is obviously room for debate, and there’s at least 5 guys you could make a legit argument for. But in my unbiased opinion, the best defensive player in the game is Manny Machado, and honestly, I don’t even think it’s close.

Last night, just hours after being announced as the starting third baseman for the AL All Star team, of course Manny put on a show with his three-run homer that won the game for the Orioles, ending that awful 5 game skid. But he also made one hell of a play at third base, that isn’t getting enough attention.

Manny has an incredible arm from third, and despite making this look easy, this is such a hard throw to make, it’s insane the ball got to first a full step before the runner did.

So I had to ask myself, what was I more impressed with, Manny’s insane 453 foot three run bomb, or his awesome defense?





To be honest, the defense is what really got me. I saw that play, and despite it looking easy for Manny, I was blown away that time and time again he continues to make insane plays like that look easy, and continues to prove he’s the best defender in the game.



I mean, look at how far in foul territory he was.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.41.33 AM



But hey, I’ll take a three run homer all day every day.



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