What Up Surfers vs SUPers: Reut Down’s Weekly Surf Report

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by Reut Down

What up Surfers vs SUPers,

For those of you that got Eddie Mushed last weekend from the inaccurate forecasters like myself, you were not alone in your quest to score, only to be let down with crappy winds most of last Saturday and Sunday.  The waves were actually really fun and chest high for about 2 hours from dead low to 2 hours into the incoming tide at Assateague Island on Saturday.  You can blame me, King Neptune, your step-dad, or the chick you got crabs from last weekend, but we do live in the Mid-Atlantic, and things change hourly despite monitoring long-range swell models and local marine forecasts.

 Enough with all of my excuses and chances to drop in on SUP Barton last weekend (of which we actually shared a lot of waves together).  So here is the predicted report for this Saturday and Sunday for MD/DE Beaches from Indian River, DE south to Assateague Island, MD:

As far as the surfing beaches go in MD, your tides for Saturday will be 5:00am (Low) and 11:01am (High) and for Sunday will be 5:43am (Low) and 11:52am (High).  Current Buoy readings (Thursday) are quite nice right now at around 8.5 feet at 7s, but expect a moderate ESE/SSE wind swell throughout the weekend.  The ESE Swell for Saturday should be 2-3’ with light onshore ENE/ESE winds blowing about 5-10mph, so expect lightly textured surfaces at your favorite sandbar.  As for Sunday, expect an increase in SSE swell in the 2-4’ range with SSW to S winds in the 5-15mph range and sideshore/textured conditions.  With all these surf reports, things change quickly in our area so get your ass to the beach, decide for yourself, and don’t blame me if you get Eddie Mushed (come on Kryptonite………come on Kryptonite).


About our MD/DE Beaches:

·         The bulk of the MD and DE beaches are ESE facing beach breaks with a few jetties producing peeling waves depending on tide, winds, sandbars, and swell direction.  With the ESE facing beaches, a good W or NW wind allows off-shore conditions and a light SW wind is not too shabby either.  In terms of swell size, our sandbars can be fickle, so you may find anything from waist-high to OH rideable at any given time.  In terms of tides, a low to mid-incoming tide usually works best with our beaches.  Sandbars are constantly shifting throughout the seasons so it is wise to check your favorite spots often for shifting sand, dredging, and occasional storms.  Our best surf seasons coincide with the end of summer through winter time and even early Spring.  There are no major secret spots in MD/DE but some spots (streets/jetties/parks) are certainly better than others at times, once again depending on tide, winds, sandbar, and swell direction, so one may find yourself checking spots from Indian River, DE to OC, MD to Assateague Island, MD all of which are within an hour’s drive.

·         Support your local surf shop while visiting and don’t forget Chauncey’s (30th and 54th), K-Coast (36th), Malibus (8th and the Boards), and Ocean Atlantic (34th).

·         Don’t be a Kook, give respect and get it in return, and smile often.

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