What Does Your Phone Choice Say About Your Sexting Game? Ground Breaking Stuff Here.

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Well the good people at Fox News revealed some information found from a survey done by Retina-X Studios, which is an activity monitoring company. In this case, specifically monitoring phone use. The survey reviewed 4,800 participants’ Sexting habits, in an attempt to determine whether iPhone or Android users sext more, and which days and at what times Sexting is most prevalent.


In what was surely the most important study of the 21st century, results reveal that iPhone users are twice as likely to sext than Android users. This comes as no surprise. Most teenagers seemingly use iPhones, and those little bastards now a days are in to some freaky shit. Android users are prudes. No one’s ever gotten laid with an Android, that’s just science.

For those who live under a rock and don’t know what Sexting is, it is the art of sending another person sexual pictures or words over your phone. The real pros go with Snap Chat. No paper trail on those babies.

What is surprising though is that the peak time for Sexting, according to the survey, is on a Tuesday morning between 10 am and 12 noon. Skip Bayless and Stephen A. must really be getting men’s libidos up during their Tuesday rants about who gives a shit. But if my theory is true, and it’s the teenager iPhone users who make up the majority of the Sexting culprits, then what’s with the Tuesday at 10 o’clock sexts? Are third period history lectures that erotic now a days? Or is learning about the miracle of life in health class just before lunch getting these little perverts off?

This Tuesday at 10 am, I’ll be at my phone waiting…

via Fox News

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