What Are The Chances This Guy Kept Skiing With This Tree Through His Face?

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29-year-old Jackson, WY. ski instructor, Natty Hagood’s day on the mountain was definitely halted when he cut it a little close to a tree, but there is no question that he took it with stride. There is also no doubt in my mind that he will probably go down the same slope, and this time conquer the same tree that took him down. This is just the mountain lifestyle, and a respectable one at that.

Not to mention, his first words after the mishap were classic: “Hey, look I got a new piercing.” Love it.

Hagood set up a GoFundMe page to help with his $1250 deductible, and we really get a sense of what the skier bro is all about:

Today I cut it a little too close to a tree while skiing. The surgery to remove the stick will easily cost me over a thousand dollars. My deductible is 1250. This was totally unplanned and sucks so if y’all would be so kind as to chip in for my medical expenses that would be sooo cool. Guess I should reconsider the lip piercing trend.

And this quote to the Idaho State Journal

Being the individual that I am, be it my sense of right or wrong, my size or my huge holistic background, I wasn’t afraid to step in put the kibosh on the violence. I’m the guy in the Jackson Hole jacket and pink hat saying, “Violence is not the answer, man.”  This is some Point Break shit right here

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