West Coast Orioles Are Winning: But They Are Killing the Working Man

Sports and Bets — July 24, 2014 at 5:23 am by

Going to work every morning is something we all dread. But my mornings are a little easier after a nice Orioles win. Like say, Tuesday night’s fantastic win over the Angels. But lately, even the wins are a problem.  The O’s are coming out of the All-Star break on what seems to be a never-ending west coast swing and those wins aren’t happening at a normal hour.  I for one, am sick of the time difference crap.

I’m more excited than anyone when the Birds take a series, or even a game. But look, I still have to wake up and get my ass into work whether or not there was some Orioles Magic the night before.  I wish it wasn’t so, but damn  if that’s the truth. With the Orioles in first place it,s hard to miss an inning of baseball, but because of that I have broken a new alarm clock everyday this week and no matter how many cups of coffee I pound I am still walking around the office like a damn zombie.

The O’s took the series from the Angels and I want the Birds to keep kicking west coast ass, but let’s take it to the Mariners and get the hell home so I can live like a normal human being again.

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