Wes Welker (aka Dark Helmet) Is Straight Takin’ MoFo’s Out

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There is no love lost between Wes Welker and Bill Belichick.  Now Welker’s former coach is accusing Welker of purposely taking out the Patriots’ best corner on a rub route.  You all know the play.

Aqib Talib was injured on the play and did not return.  After Talib’s departure, Demaryius Thomas, who Talib had been covering, shredded the Pats secondary for 7 catches and 134 yards, plus a touchdown.  Belichick said Welker’s pick, “was one of the worst plays I’ve seen.”  and that the play was, ” a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Talib.  No attempt to get open.”  Wow, talk about the pot and the kettle.  The Pats run a ton of these rub routes too, and it’s essentially a game of chicken between the wide-out who is setting the “rub”, or pick, and the corner, who is trying to remain with the other receiver.  Intentional to rub a receiver, and an illegal pick, sure, but to suggest that the Broncos sent their multiply concussed, 180 pound, triple sized helmet wearing wide out to take out the big and physical Talib, well that’s just dumb.  It was a play that happens all over the NFL, Talib just happened to get hurt.  The play is illegal though, and the league needs to address these “rub” routes.

Meet Lord Helmet, the cornerback hunter:

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  1. The hit doesn’t look that bad.

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