Well Done Face Blanket, Your Infomercial Just Won Me Over

Humor — February 9, 2015 at 2:16 pm by

I didn’t want to give the Face Blanket a chance, but I went down that dark infomercial road. We’ve all struggled with keeping our face warm, but who the hell is going to cut a hole in a perfectly good blanket? So Face Blanket is selling a blanket with a hole in it, but this is not the reason I have no choice but to cough up $9.99. There is so much more to the Face Blanket, the effort in this commercial alone justifies a purchase…

It is perfect for hunting…


Become unrecognizable at a moments notice


You wear this at a restaurant, you become untouchable. Your shit officially does not stink.


Not so sure about this, I’d imagine a Face Blanket could only make a girl want you more


Well played, Face Blanket


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