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I’ve been a die hard Ravens fan since they came to town. I love this team, but the product they put on the field yesterday was garbage. I don’t even know where to start with this debacle.
The thing that pissed me off the most was the lack of urgency and energy of the entire team. They lost it the second Taliaferro fumbled the ball in the second quarter. That was the sure fire turning point in the game. From that point, nobody looked like they wanted to win a football game. The entire Ravens team spent more time trying to fight the Steelers rather than play between the whistles.
Suggs’ act got tiring to watch. He spent more time talking shit, and gesturing to the Steeler sideline than he did making plays. And he is on the bench smiling like the Ravens were winning. I don’t get it, and frankly that makes me think that Suggs is playing for himself and not the team. I will say that when I saw him make that hit on Blount live it looked dirty. But after seeing replays, he hit him in the thighs to bring him down. Blount is a big powerful runner who is tough to bring down, therefore taking out his legs is the best method. No way should Suggs have been hit with a flag there. He did not intentionally go for Blount’s knees.

Which leads me to another topic- the terrible officiating in the game. The calls were so lopsided in the Steelers’ favor it was disgusting. The Ravens were the only ones getting flagged for personal fouls, yet the Steelers were doing just as much fighting as the Ravens. The fact that they didn’t re-spot the ball on Big Ben’s sneak in the third quarter was atrocious. He was clearly down a good half yard before the line to gain.
I knew that going in to this game without Jimmy Smith was going to be a struggle in the secondary. But to say it was a struggle would be a gross understatement. The secondary was abused by Big Ben from the second quarter on. Ben was like a surgeon, picking apart the Ravens secondary with ease for six fucking touchdowns! Webb got burned bad often, and his future to me is in jeopardy. He is just not the same player he was before the knee injury, and I think safety is a more suitable position for him. Of course the Ravens need to find more corners before this could happen. I don’t know how you go into a game in the NFL, the passing league that it is, with three active corners. When you have safeties trying to cover receivers in man coverage, you’re going to get the results that happened last night.  Sign a fucking corner!
Tonight made one thing very clear, and that is if you had any doubt that Big Ben is a better quarterback than Joe Flacco, that doubt has been removed. Watch the difference in the way they stand in the pocket. Ben stood in there despite the constant pressure, and found his receivers. He knew where his bailout outlet receiver was going to be. Joe looked like a scared puppy dog at Michael Vick’s house back in Atlanta. He rarely set his feet to throw, and his mechanics were fucking nonexistent. He looked so awful that I don’t know why they kept him in the game. He was so gun-shy that he couldn’t stand in and make an accurate pass. Why does Ben make it look so easy to dump the ball off to his safety net, while it’s a miracle if Joe even gets a pass attempt off to his outlet receiver. I don’t understand why Joe is so hot and cold. He is a seventh year QB, how can you look so clueless? And why didn’t the Ravens switch to no huddle when the Steelers were getting so much pressure? That is a way to neutralize a crazy pass rush. Do you think old guys like James Harrison and Brett Keisel can handle an up tempo offense that is getting to the line quickly? Yet we somehow make them look like pro bowlers out there.

I was getting really tired of Chris Collinsworth blabbing on and on about James Harrison to the point where I though he might be blowing him after the game. But the Ravens allowed it to happen. And it wasn’t even Harrison overpowering a blocker or even beating a one on one block. The Steelers were constantly confusing the pass protection of the Ravens with their alignments and stunts. I can’t believe a few weeks ago Harrison was sitting at home, and tonight he looked like a DPOY candidate. It’s sad and pathetic on the Ravens part.
I really have nothing positive to say about this game. The only thing that gives me hope is that there is a terrible Titans team coming in next. The Ravens will grab their sixth win and then have two weeks to prepare for a tough Monday Night contest in New Orleans.

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