Welcome To Baltimore, Mike Wallace!

Sports and Bets — March 15, 2016 at 2:23 pm by

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    Let’s be honest, Mike Wallace hasn’t been the same since he left Pittsburgh, but with Joe’s cannon arm slinging him the rock, maybe he’ll get back to his old form. I think anybody that expects him to have his old production is delusional, but if he can be a healthy balance of what he was in Pittsburgh and what he was in Minnesota this past year, then the Ravens made a good signing. He hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2011, but did score 10 touchdowns with Miami in 2014, before totally falling off the map last year with under 500 yards on the season in Minnesota. We don’t need Mike Wallace to be the guy, just a piece of the puzzle. Another solid signing by Ozzie.  


PS- You think Ozzie hated being 5-11?    


Somebody likes it.

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