Week 15 NFL Picks: It’s Like The O.K. Corral Out There

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Tombstone is one of the greatest movies in the history of great movies.  It details the events that led up to, and followed, the famed gunfight at the O.K. Corral.  The Earp brothers and their pal, Doc Holliday, try to stake their claim to fortune in the boom town of Tombstone, Arizona. Of course, they gain some enemies along the way and the resulting tension with this enemy group, known as The Cowboys, eventually spills over into the most famous shootout in American history.  The gunfight at the O.K. Corral is where the Earps, especially Wyatt and pal Doc Holliday, chisel their names onto the Wild West tablet of fame. The movie is a must watch for any guy who seriously considers himself a guy.  Incredible tough shit-talking lines, great shootouts, and all around badassery make for a film that, in fact, should be visually consumed multiple times.  Val Kilmer’s performance as Doc Holliday should have gotten him an Oscar, and the gunfight scene at the O.K Corral is one of the best gunfights ever put on film….

Which brings us to this week in the wagering world that is the NFL.  It’s Week 15 and the waters are deep.  Not, roll up to a bunch of dudes armed with six-shooters and start shooting deep, but time to win or start making vacation plans, deep.   Playoff entry, playoff seeding, and Super Bowl aspirations are on the line.  For the degenerate gambler, this is where it’s time to make moves.  Either by pressing what you’ve already made, or by getting out of the hole your bookie’s got you buried in.  Time to be winning cash-money, bruh.  You’ll be a Daisy if you do…..

The Chode (Season: 10-14-1 )

Game 1:  Pittsburgh @ Atlanta

Line : Pitt -2

Chode’s Pick: Atlanta

Maybe I’m being blinded by my hatred for the Steelers on this one, but I have faith that the Falcons will beat up on Pittsburgh this week. Atlanta has won 3 of their last 5, which is a positive trend for a 5-8 team. Pittsburgh looks great some weeks, and terrible on others. This week I think it’s the awful version of the Steelers that shows up.


Game 2: Green Bay @ Buffalo

Line: Green Bay -6

Chode’s Pick: Bills

The 7-6 Bills lost a close one at Denver last week. This week, Buffalo finds success against a solid Packers team back at home. If the Bills want to get into the playoffs they likely have to win out, and they know that.  But if  Buffalo does fall short of winning, they should still cover the 6.


Game 3: Dallas @ Philadelphia

Line: Philly -3.5

Chode’s Pick: EAGLES

These two 9-4 teams are tied for first place in the NFC East. Philly routed Dallas, in Dallas, on Thanksgiving, and they are going to do it again. This time it will be at home in Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football. There’s simply NO way the Eagles lose this one at home, with essentially the division on the line. NO way.

Babes (Season: 20-17-1 )

Another winning week for myself, cashing in on the Ravens outright on the road in Miami. This week poses a little more of a challenge, as we see a few double-digit spreads.

I’ll gladly take the four points I’m getting in the San Diego Denver game at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers hung in there against the Pats last week at home, who are a much better team, so I see this game coming down to a last second field goal. Peyton Manning has looked awful throwing the football the past few weeks. Denver has been getting by behind a strong running game, but Manning doesn’t look healthy. His passes are fluttering, and he looks like he is in serious pain. Maybe the warm weather will help him this week, but I think Denver is in a bit of trouble. If I’m the Chargers, I load up to stop the run, and make Peyton and his jello arm beat me. The Chargers win a close one here.

I’m also taking the Cowboys on the road against the Eagles. The NFC East is weird like that, road teams win all the time. In this particular matchup, the road team has won 7 of the last 9. Here is another interesting stat, favorites coming off games in which they just played the Seahawks the week before, are 7-22 ATS. Add it the fact that I’m getting the hook at. 3.5, I’m all over Dallas this week.

Seabass (Season: 16-24 )

Two and one last week as I continue to search for that perfect week.  I went to sleep at halftime on Monday night with the Packers up 31-7.  But even that disappeared like a fart in the wind.  Oh well, at this point, a winning week is a winning week.  There are a lot of train wreck looking games out there this week, so we’ll sift through the muck and the suck to find some value.

Texans at Colts (-7)-  The Texans have never won at Indy.  Never.  For whatever reason, I feel that they might actually pull it off this week. Taking the seven in this rivalry seems like a no-brainer, but the dudes with the massive nuts may want to money-line this one.  (+245)  Or just take the touchdown and rest easy.  JJ Watt on a mission babes.

Vikings at Detroit (-7)-  I like the TD here as well.  Division game and the Vikings have secretly been playing pretty good ball.

Broncos (-4) at Chargers-  I’m not on the, “Peyton Manning is falling apart,” bandwagon, but I think the Chargers definitely have enough talent to pull this one off.  Home game, tons on the line, and Rivers and his punchable face always do well against Pey-Pey in big games.  Home dog is barkin’, babes.

Redskins at Giants (-7)-  The Giants shouldn’t be giving seven points to anybody- not even the shitty Redskins.   I’ll take the points again.  This is a game in which many of the losing team’s fans will consider giving up football for the rest of the year.  It’s the , “We can’t even beat the fucking Giants/Redskins,” bowl.



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