Week 11 NFL Picks: Omar Comin’

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Is this Omar angle played out yet with bloggers and writers who are trying to convey toughness and gangster-style all while tying those elements, along with the grittiness of Baltimore,  into whatever irrelevant crap the writer is blogging or writing about?  No way.  Because Omar is one of the most dynamic and well written characters in the history of television.  A gay and murderous gangster who has chosen the dangerous profession of being the leader of a Baltimore stick-up crew (or has the profession chosen him?), Omar robs, murders, and terrifies his way to the top of the Baltimore crime food-chain.  Omar runs the criminal game using treachery, back-stabbing politics, and such a penchant for brutal and unmerciful violence that shit like this happens when Omar shows up…..

Omar Comin

Folks just bail out and run.  No reason to mess with the King.  Omar walks this tightrope of violence and ambiguous street morality so well that even the cops on the show give him grudging respect.  And so do we- he’s the great anti-hero of The Wire.  Show me one dude who roots against Omar while he’s watching The Wire and you’ll be showing me a complete jack-hole.

Which brings us, as always, to NFL wagering.  Time to get Omar up in here.  This looks like a week that could be primed for football and wagering chaos.   Let the games begin- it’s Week 11.

The Chode (Season 9-10)

Philadelphia @ Green Bay

Line: Green Bay -6.5

Chode’s Pick: FLY EAGLES FLY

We all saw the beat down the Packers put on the Bears last week, but don’t you dare think they’re going to beat QB Mark Sanchez and the Eagles that same way.  Sanchez is playing with everything he has, because he has to. After becoming a back up and not making a start since 2012 with the Jets, Sanchez threw for over 300 yard and two TD’s last week. Look for Sanchez and the Eagles to keep soaring.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Line: Pitt- 6.5

Chode’s Pick: Titans

Both of these teams lost last week. The Steelers to an awful Jets team, and the Titans to our own Ravens. The Titans have gotten used to losing this season, and the Steelers are 6-4. But in addition to that bad Jets loss the Steelers have also found a way to lose to Tampa Bay, who is brutally bad as well.  I love dogs, but there’s nothing I like more than a home dog on a Monday Night. Let’s go Titans.


Babes (Season 16-15-1)

Still riding hot with 7 of my last 9 cashing in. Here is the problem- this entire week is a trap. The Vegas sportsbooks, and every local book across America, have been getting pummeled by the average bettor. Last week, 8 of the 10 highest bet teams covered the spread. What does that mean? Some inside shit is gonna go down this week. Refs will be paid, lights will be turned off, and all stops will be made to ensure this madness comes to an end for the wise guys.
For that very reason I’m playing it very conservative this week and picking one game. The Chargers at home laying ten points against the Raiders is the only play I feel comfortable about this week. San Diego has a lot to prove after letting that 37-0 drubbing at Miami marinate for two weeks. They will put this one away early as Oakland can’t mount enough offense to be in any game. The Chargers take this one by 17 at least.
Like I said, be weary of this week. The betting public is most definitely due to take a beating.

Seabass (Season 11-15)

I’m sucking donkey balls picking these games this year.  In fact, I’m on a three-year skid.  It’s obvious my handicapping is off, so I’ve taken some drastic measures to change my gambling game.  My three year old son picked five teams out of my old Ravens’ hat.  I will bet every one of these teams this week.  Gotta change up the climate around here, babes.  (My son actually picked the Rams and the Broncos- and they are playing each other.  We took the Broncos because he happened to pick them first. He then picked a sixth team, the Lions.  Here are his, and therefore my, picks for Week 11:

Broncos (-9)

Eagles (+6.5)

Lions (+1)

Texans (+3.5)

Saints (-7.5)



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