We-Win-Chen At It Again As Birds Beat Rangers 3-1

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It wasn’t a pretty win last night babes.  But pretty don’t mean squat hon, all that matters is the W, and that’s just what the Orioles got last night in the series opener at Texas.  Wei-Yin Chen only allowed one run, which was amazing in itself considering he allowed eight hits and two walks over 6 1/3 innings.  But the Rangers went 0-10 with runners in scoring position, and Nick Markakis robbed Adrian Beltre of a home run in the fourth inning to keep Texas in check.  A hard-fought quality start and great defense will create a win a lot of times in baseball, and it certainly was the formula for victory last night.

O'Day is a beast out of the pen.

O’Day is a beast out of the pen.

But the Birds had to score runs too.  Matt Wieters provided some early offensive spark with a home run in the second to make it 1-0.  Nate Mclouth scored B-Rob with an RBI double in the third to make it 2-0.  Nick Markakis also registered an RBI double in the fifth, as Manny Machado did his best Dave Winfield impersonation by digging hard and losing his batting helmet while motoring around third to score.  (Dave Winfield’s helmet always seemed to fly off his head when he was running the bases back in the day.)  At that point it was 3-1, and it would remain that way until game’s end, despite Jim Johnson’s cardiac stress test in the bottom of the ninth.

Buck Showalter won his 250th game as Oriole manager,  the Birds are the fourth club he has recorded 250 wins with.  (Yankees, Rangers, and Diamondbacks are the others.)

Darren O’ Day pitched 1 2/3 innings of great baseball in relief of Chen.

Same dance partner tonight in Arlington, Texas, 8:15 our time.

Gonzalez (7-3) vs Wolf (1-2)

Let’s Go O’s!


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