We Went To See We Were Promised Jetpacks. And We Liked It. (Plus, Scalping Tixs Is A Good Time.)

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by Lizard

A few weeks ago, March 2nd to be exact, I went to an amazing show at D.C.’s Black Cat.  The band was We Were Promised Jet Packs, who was on a short North American Tour to loosely support their live album, E Rey Live In Philadelphia.  Incredible show. 

But first the ticket situation. In the past, I’ve always purchased tickets online prior to going to a show.  I’ve never driven down to D.C. without the promise of having tickets in hand, knowing I’d get in.  This show was different.

I dropped the ball and waited until the last-minute.  Of course, tickets were no longer available online the day of the show and at 4 p.m. the night of the show, the dreaded words “sold out” showed up on Black Cat’s site.  

Here’s a lesson.  You can always get in. Damn, a monkey can get a ticket to a sold out indie rock show.  Even if the show is 50 miles away, make the effort;  drive down and hang out in the non-show bar and stand outside.  You should have heard all the reasons people gave for giving up their tixs; my wife is sick and couldn’t make it, my friends forgot to buy tickets and I don’t feel like going to the show alone (which is really lame by the way), I bought an extra in case more of my friends wanted to go, but no one took them, the list goes on.  So many reasons and I was happy to take advantage.  I was honestly shocked how easy it was getting into the show, you could practically pick the tickets off of a  ticket tree!  (Okay, it was a tad more work than that, but you get what I mean.) Early on in my quest I ran into a guy that needed three tickets and I needed two.  We both got the tickets we needed!  When I went in with my buddy, other tickets beggars were still outside.  Later on, I saw they had made it in too. 

If you’re old or like things to be all planned nice and neat, go to a sold out show anyway.  It’s worth it!  The whole experience was fun.  Bartering for concert tickets while already half buzzed up was a great time, and I ended up meeting a lot of cool folks!  Pre-planning is my middle name, but on a whim that turned out fun, I got in.  And THANK GOD I did!!

If you’ve never heard them, consider this your enlightenment.  We Were Promised Jetpacks is comprised of four guys from Scotland.  Many bands have emerged from this chilly, beautiful land and we’ve been rocking our hearts out ever since.  We Were Promised Jetpacks have that awesome garage band feeling you may be missing, with a twinge of balls-out rock.  They kick your ass live!  I’ve seen them three times now and every time was amazing.  This was the first time a mosh pit broke out, but I wasn’t surprised.  They are intense, dead on, and the singer has a voice that will resonate through you for nights on end after the show. 

They’re coming out with a new album soon. (They are currently putting the finishing touches on it.) Listen to it and buy it.  They introduced quite a few new songs during the show and I couldn’t have been happier to hear them.  They also played songs from their debut album, These Four Walls (2009).  The gritty sound keeps you coming back for more.  Like all bands, they try their hands at some slower songs, and even those rock.  And what is a better name than We Were Promised Jetpacks!?!  Check ‘em out, you’ll be glad you did.

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