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Okay football fans get your mojo going. It’s Super Bowl starting right now. All of the preliminaries are gone and it’s time to get it on. Football has taken a back seat to things like lip syncing and deer antler spray. All of which are non-important sidebars to the the pinnacle of organized sports.  The Super Bowl just blows away all other sports and their respective championships. Baseball has lost my interest with the World Series. Heck,if a big market team is not involved, I just can’t watch.  NBA forget it. If LeBron is not involved you can throw dirt on the product. No one will watch,it’s that simple. Even NASCAR enthusiasts shake their collective heads knowing that their most defining race is the first one on the calendar .I think it is the Daytona 500. How Ridiculous.


So,the  sporting event that sells the most bar food and chicken wings is the Super Bowl. They go hand in hand . Don’t you think? It’s a spectator’s dream.  The NFL puts something great in there for every member of the family.  Great entertainment at half time; and the clever commercials  are just as much water cooler talk the next day as the game itself.  In fact,President Obama should try and get one good thing accomplished before he leaves office in 2016. He can’t balance budgets or put Americans back to work.  But if he made the Monday after Super Bowl a National holiday, collectively he would get a solid approval.

So ,let’s take a fine look at this last Pro football game.

The line from Vegas says 49ers by 3. Cliff says Ravens by at least 10. You have to give the nod to Joe and his Ravens right now. They are playing good solid defense,and the offense is just reaching it’s full potential.  Joe has 5 yrs. of regular season work,as well a great post season body of work.  Kaepernick has a total of 9 regular season games. I say here the Ravens keep him honest and make him throw to win. May Ed Reed will jump a route or two. So take the points and enjoy the game!


Cliff Brooks

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