We All Need To Take A Second To Appreciate Chris Davis

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Chris Davis hit his 30th home run of the year last night in the Orioles’ win over the Nationals, which means he has now hit at least 30 bombs in four out of the five full seasons he’s been in Baltimore. He finished with 26 homers in 2014, but his season was cut 17 games short due to his suspension, so honestly there’s not a bad chance he would have hit thirty that year too.

Since the beginning of the 2012 season, no one has hit more home runs in the major leagues than Davis. The guy strikes out A TON. We all know that. And you’d like to see him hit for at least a .250 average on the year, which right now seems like it will be unlikely in 2016 (he currently has a .226 avg).

And when Chris Davis is on a cold streak like he was for about six weeks in the middle of the summer, he’s probably one of the worst hitters in baseball. He swings and misses at everything thrown his way. We all know this. We knew this when the Orioles signed him to his 7-year contract. But that’s what you live with for a guy who’s going to go yard 40 times a year.


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We criticize Chris Davis so harshly probably at this point mostly because he’s getting paid very handsomely, but he’s always been criticized because some of his at bats where he’s swinging and missing just look so bad. They’re pretty hard to watch, honestly.

But when all is said and done, Chris Davis will be one of the best power hitters the Orioles have ever seen, and that’s just a fact. It’s unlikely because his career took off a little too late, but Chris Davis could potentially hit 500 homers, most of which would be in an Oriole uniform.

Just take a second to sit back and think about what Chris Davis means to the Orioles. At the end of the day, you’d take the good with the bad 100 percent of the time. Appreciate what you see on the field, because as far as power hitting goes, you’re witnessing greatness.



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