Watch This Kid Walk Onto Ariana Grande’s Stage Like He Owns The Place

Entertainment, Humor — March 2, 2017 at 1:43 pm by

At Wednesday night’s Ariana Grande show in Philly, a teenager saw the girl of his dreams, and he decided he was gonna tell her mid song (or something like that). First of all Ariana’a security clearly sucks, this dude was on that stage for a substantial amount of time┬ábefore security finally scooped him up. They should be hiring him to run security checks, fortunately for Grande, this kid was just a fanboy.

Secondly, this so happens to be my buddy’s brother. He is a dumbass for sure, but he has got some dragging balls. This wasn’t some creepy old dude trying to sniff Grande’s hair, it was teenager that put himself in a funny situation and went with it.

via TMZ

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