Watch This Awesome Footage Of A Drone Dropping A Rescue Raft To Struggling Swimmers

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What a time to be alive. It is just a matter of time before every beach is littered with drones up and down the coast, and I have got no issue with it. Drones are gradually being introduced to Australian beaches, while some are designed to spot sharks, others are designed to drop flotation pods. Both are no-brainers.

This past Thursday, a drone rescued a pair of teenage boys off the coast of Lennox Head beach, in New South Wales, and is being touted the “Worlds First”.

BBC The swimmers, aged 15-17, had got into difficulties off the coast of Lennox Head, New South Wales (NSW).A member of the public spotted them struggling in heavy surf about 700m (2,300ft) offshore. Lifesavers instantly sent the drone to drop an inflatable rescue pod, and the pair made their way safely to shore.Lifeguard supervisor Jai Sheridan was piloting the device when the alarm was raised. He described the experience as “unreal”. Any other day, reaching the teenagers could easily have taken three times as long.

Here’s the ‘Little Ripper’ that was used during the rescue.

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