Watch Girls Talk About The Most Ratchet Things They’ve Done On Spring Break

Girls, Humor — March 24, 2015 at 3:20 pm by

Surprise, surprise, there have been a lot of sex acts committed at Panama City Beach this spring break. Some of my favorite ratchet moments from the video were four-ways on the beach, vagina sundaes, buttholes getting eaten, and the worst freestyle rap of all-time. Jesus, that rap was awful. That might have been the most appalling part of the whole damn video. As amusing as the video was, it really got me thinking long and hard about two different vital issues. First, why the hell didn’t I go to Panama City Beach for this year’s spring break? I could’ve thrown on a neon tank top and a snapback and said I was a grad student. I probably would’ve gotten busted, but it would’ve been well worth the risk of being labeled as the dreaded “Creepy Old Guy” to be apart of such debauchery. Secondly, having a college-aged daughter has to be terrifying. Talk about living in a constant state of fear. If my daughter appeared in a video like this, I’d suffer the same fate as poor Ralph Wiggum.

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