Watch Bryan Cranston’s Tremendous One-Man Show About Postseason Baseball

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — September 16, 2014 at 5:40 pm by

My only complaint about this video is that this isn’t a real play. I’d gladly write a blank check to catch this breathtaking spectacle at the Hippodrome. Anytime you mix baseball, Walter White, Bugs Bunny, an organist playing rap songs, and a woman getting pelted in the face by a high heater, you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands. As certain as I am that this would be a hit if it were an actual play, I’m twice as certain that this won’t be the last postseason pieing we see. TBS better get ready for a steady diet of whipped cream on their mics and headsets, because the O’s aren’t coming to October for shits and gigs. They’re coming to hoist that trophy. They’re the ones who knock, babes.


via Uproxx 

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