Warren Sapp Has Been Getting Roasted On Social Media For His Arrest

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It’s been a couple of rough days for Warren Sapp. Sapp partied a little too hard after the Super Bowl and ended up getting busted for assault and soliciting prostitution. These charges caused the NFL Network to fire Sapp as an analyst. Now that Sapp’s jobless and has a couple of fresh charges on his rap sheet, Jeremy Shockey and Eric Weddle have thrown some salt in his wounds over social media. A few years back, Sapp accused Shockey of snitching to the NFL about the Saints’ bounty program.

Judging from this Instagram post from Shockey, he certainly hasn’t forgotten or forgave Sapp.

Just heard from My SOURCE Warren Sapp charged with Soliciting a Prostitute! Damn so Sad

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That was a solid jab from Shockey, but Weddle landed a haymaker. Sapp was very critical of the 5-year $40 million contract that Weddle signed back in 2011, so Weddle tweeted out this gem this afternoon.

My oh my, how the tables have turned, you fucking dickhead. I love that these guys are still holding grudges against Sapp. He’s the biggest, loudmouthed scumbag going, and I hope I never seen his cocky, fat face on my TV ever again. Chad Clifton would’ve posted on social media, but that poor guy’s probably still in a coma.

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