Wanted Baltimore Man Wrote, ‘Y’all Will Never Catch Me,’ On The Police’s Facebook. He Was Arrested The Next Day.

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Baltimore Sun – A man wanted by Anne Arundel County police bragged, “Y’all will never catch me,” in a comment under his own mugshot on their Facebook page Wednesday. On Thursday, they did. Roger Ray Ireland, 28, of Edgewater, was arrested in South Baltimore, near the Anne Arundel County line at about 1 p.m. and served with an outstanding warrant for violating his probation, police said. Police featured him in one of their weekly “#WantedWednesday” Facebook posts, prompting people to tag his family members in the comments section. “Yo all yall people tagging my hole family bout my [business] stay … outta [my business],” Ireland wrote. Police said detectives from the department’s Intelligence Unit received tips Thursday that led to Ireland’s arrest.


I respect Mr. Ireland’s confidence, but it appears that his fugitive skills still need some work. It definitely looks bad when you taunt your opposition and things don’t work out. Just ask Fernando Rodney. But hey, what’s the fun in being a criminal if you aren’t talking shit to the cops? We’ve all seen Catch Me If You Can. Head games are a crucial part of these matters. Unfortunately for Ireland, it didn’t sound like he was able to travel the world and bang premium tail before being apprehended.

Most importantly though, that’s great detective work by the Anne Arundel County Police. Ireland was one of three #WantedWednesday men who have already been arrested this week. It’s nice to see social media being used to do some good in the community. High fives all around.

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