Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal Had Lunch

Entertainment, Featured — March 14, 2013 at 11:21 am by

WpDennis Rodman is such an amateur. The NBA vet may have gotten a heap of media attention for catching a basketball game with Kim Jong-Eun, but it turns out Steven Seagal has been hanging out with foreign strongmen for years. The action star did his own bit of photo-op diplomacy in Moscow with Vladi­mir Putin, touring a martial-arts school where the Russian president called for a revival of Stalin-era school phys-ed programs, reports Reuters. Revelation: Putin, the world leader most frequently photographed in shirtless, macho poses, is actually quite tiny when standing next to Seagal. The longtime pals watched martial-arts demonstrations and then, in what appeared to be a comic shtick, Seagal rushed a crowd of kids posing with Putin and protectively pulled him out.

segaIt seems that the original Lawman doesn’t like all the attention fellow C-lister has received through his attempts at world peace. I’ve seen more of Rodman in the last few weeks then I have since he was on the Bulls, and apparently so has Seagal. Nico, as I like to call him, wants to make it clear that he is the original peacekeeper. If this trend continues, we can expect to see Corey Feldman playing a round of croquet with Uganda’s guerilla group leader Joseph Kony.

If we are lucky, Seagal and Putin were really meeting to write a new buddy action flick. It would probably go something like this… Seagal is a housekeeper for Putin, but holds a secret. He is an ex Navy Seal. When Putin’s character is held hostage by terrorist, Seagal single-handedly arm tosses a whole army one by one to save the day…Last step create a movie poster with Seagal holding a gun, and you have a blockbuster!!




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