Virginia Woman Gets Stiffed On Pot Deal, Calls Police On Dealer

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Amanda Paige Twomey, 19, is a real sore loser. She gave Jackson Crisler, 20, some money to buy her marijuana from a third party. Crisler decided to be a dishonest prick, and keep her money without giving her any pot. This obviously pissed off Twomey, and she tried to get revenge by calling 911. She told police that she met up with Crisler to buy drugs, and he robbed her at gunpoint. The police investigated the matter, and found out that Twomey was full of shit. According to NBC Washington, “Twomey, of Woodbridge, is charged with filing a false police report and attempted possession of marijuana.¬†Crisler, also of Woodbridge, is charged with attempted possession with intent to distribute marijuana.”

Come on, Amanda. THERE’S NO CRYING IN THE WEED GAME! Now you’ve gone from taking a financial loss to being charged with two crimes. The way I see it, if you get stiffed by a drug dealer, you have two options. Option 1: Round up a Baseball Furies style posse and teach this scumbag a lesson about consumer rights. This is admittedly a risky option, as there’s always the chance of getting hurt when involved in a violent showdown. But if successful, this option will give you great satisfaction and boost your street cred immensely. Option 2: Find a new dealer. This is the safest and easiest option. It’s 2014, everybody’s toking up these days, so I’m sure you could find a much more reliable weed source after doing some research. I hear Samson’s stuff is phenomenal. Here’s a very satisfied customer…

via Gawker & NBC Washington

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