Virginia Woman Discovers A 4-Foot Anaconda In Her Toilet

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In a recent call to the Arlington County Animal Control, a woman had stated that a snake was in her apartment toilet.

The animal control team responded to the call, and were able to safely remove the nightmare fuel from the toilet. After the AWLA found a specialist on snakes, it was discovered that they had a Yellow Anaconda on their hands. This juvenile snake was approximately 4ft, but can grow up to 13ft.

It is unknown to whom the anaconda belonged to, but they probably shouldn’t own a snake, ever. It either escaped its tank, or it was abandoned. In either case, Arlington’s own, Crocodile Dundee should feel like an idiot. If you want to own something that will eventually swallow you whole, you have a responsibility to know what the hell you’re doing. If you realize you’re out of your league, let professionals handle it before it ends up in your neighbors porcelain throne.

I’m not particularly bothered by snakes, that is until I find one in my own toilet. Scarred for life.

via AWLA/Patch

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