Video: Steve Smith Sr. Asks Autistic Teen To Her Prom

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Everything this guy does is gold. On the field or not, you can be certain that Steve Smith Sr. is going to make an impression. He makes huge plays on the field, eviscerates his opponents verbally, and now he is going to a prom to make a dream come true. All in a days work.

Smith surprised the autistic teenager last week by asking her to the senior prom at North Gaston High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Promposals” (as I remember them) can be really awkward, but Smith had a smooth and direct delivery in the video below. Bridges, whose ability to speak is impaired, responded with a smile and a computer-assisted response: “Yes, Steve. I want to be your prom date.”The Steve Smith Family Foundation teamed up with a nonprofit foundation, Dream On 3, to make Bridges’ wish come true. Dream On 3 helps connect professional sports athletes and children with disabilities, illnesses or life-altering conditions to create memorable experiences of joy and magic.

The man has got the moves

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