Video: Bicyclist Attacked In Baltimore…

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Baltimore is so safe.

It’s a shame that things like this happen, but that’s the reality. The incident happened Saturday night on Guilford Avenue, and the footage is from the helmet camera of the rider, who uses it for the possibility of encounters like this. Again, this is completely shitty, but you can’t even take a bike ride at night without the chance of getting whopped with a bottle. Nothing good can come out of cruising through a group of hooligans, scary stuff.

Isn’t it nice that we live in such a shitty society that we blame the guy on the bike for being “street dumb” instead of blaming the punk-ass kids who decide to randomly attack a dude on a bike?  Love this town.

This is how I roll through the city…..


YouTube Recorded on 4/12/14.  Attacked by a group of teenagers on the bike route on the 1600-1700 block of Guilford Ave.  You can hear when they threw a bottle at me from behind and then see when I try to grab my lock as a last resort as they started to attack, but dropped it.  Grabbed it before they did.  Only damage was to my thumb when they stomped it.  Took punches, but they must have hit my helmet, because I don’t have any marks.  Camera cuts out at the end around this time.  On the ground I started yelling “help help help”.  Residents started coming out and a distant siren scared them off.  Called 911 after and met with an officer a few minutes later.

via CityPaper

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