Vendor Catches Foul Ball In Bucket, Denies Two Ladies, Gives Ball To Youngster

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First off, that’s a tremendous catch. That wasn’t a lazy pop-up off the bat of Ian Kinsler, but a line drive that was coming in hot. Luckily, the vendor was quick on his feet and made the catch look easy. As great of a catch as that was, what really impressed me was how he handled himself afterwards. He denies not one, but two pushy, middle-age ladies trying to weasel their way into a souvenir, and gives the ball to a young girl. The first lady brought a glove to the ballpark, so automatically I’m not a fan of her. Then, she pulls this stunt…


If your’re going to bring a glove to a ball game, at least be able to use the damn thing properly. You’re supposed to put your hand inside the glove, not open it up like it’s a fucking Geometry book. But Hawaiian shirt lady takes the cake for grabbing at the ball.


That’s so bush league. She’s lucky she didn’t pull back a nub after that insanely rude maneuver. So in summation, this vendor made a terrific catch, told two jerk ladies to suck it, and made a young fan’s day. Just another day in the office for this playmaking stud.

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