Vegas-Style MGM Casino Coming To Maryland? Panel Set To Vote Early Next Week

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No matter how many casinos pop up around the country, there’s nothing like Las Vegas. A Maryland panel will vote next week to decide if one of Vegas’ best known casinos, MGM, is going to build a 925 million dollar new location in Prince George’s County, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C, at the National Harbor. This would be constructed as a Vegas-style casino.


This move would give Maryland six casinos, after the Horseshoe Casino opens in downtown B-More. Those who oppose this move argue that traffic in the area is already too unbearable, and that they would not like the excessive outside lights the casino would surely have. The move however, would bring 2,000 construction jobs, and 4,000 permanent jobs to our state.

The casino would contain 140 table games, and 3,600 slot machines (both are significantly more than the Horseshoe Casino), and would be able to be opened as early as July, 2016. The plan is to include a 5,000-space parking unit, a 1,200-seat theater, 35,000 square feet of event space, a rooftop pool and luxury spa, and high-end shops and dining.

I’m a big fan of Las Vegas, and I may or may not have dreams about it on a nightly basis. But the reality is I can’t fly there as often as I’d like, so an MGM in our neck of the woods is just what the doctor ordered. It’ll certainly be better than that dump Delaware Park. If one more homeless person there runs their wheelchair into me I’ll lose my freaking mind.

This is the location for the proposed casino


You many be familiar with this majestic beauty in Vegas…


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