Vance Worley Is The Most Underrated Oriole

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I’ll be the first to admit, when the Orioles acquired Vance Worley this offseason, I was far from excited. I was hoping he wouldn’t make the team to be honest, because I wanted some of the younger guys to step up. But over half way through this season, being used in a number of different roles for Buck Showalter’s club, Vance Worley has proven to be a valuable piece for the Orioles.

Obviously this may seem like an overreaction based upon Worley’s excellent outing on Sunday, lasting seven innings and giving up two runs. But I’ve actually been thinking about writing this piece since Vance was still in the bullpen, and today seems like a good time.

Worley is 2-1 on the season, with a 3.09 ERA. His best pitching has come out of the bullpen, where he has primarily been used as a long reliever, and has given the Orioles a chance to win multiple games in which they trailed early due to poor outings by several different starters.

In his 58 innings pitched, he has given up on five home runs, and has 40 strikeouts.

Is Vance Worley the best pitcher on the Orioles’ staff? Absolutely not. But he has been such a great asset for the Orioles to have, based on his success in multiple different roles, and it seems like no one is giving him enough credit.

Time for us all to applaud the Vance on how he’s performed this year. Team Vanimal for life.



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