Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Just Bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini

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Talk about a world-class scumbag. Not only does he bite a dude’s shoulder, but he then flops to the ground trying to draw a foul. That’s pretty much soccer in a nutshell, though. Do some devious shit when no one is looking, then flail about like you’ve just been shot when the refs are around. This isn’t Suarez’s first rodeo either, which is mind-boggling to me. You’ve got to be a real sick hombre to bite another person for a competitive advantage once, let alone make this your trademark move when the going gets tough. Despite Chiellini’s pleas to officials, nothing was called, and Uruguay went on to win, 1-0.


Uruguay’s win sent them to the round of 16, and eliminated Italy. That’s a brutal way for your World Cup to end. Poor Chiellini needs a bottle of Sambuca and a rabies shot, stat.

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