Under Armour Is Suing A Clothing Company Named Ass Armour

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Yep, you read that correctly. Under Armour has filed a lawsuit against a company called Ass Armour. Ass Armour only makes one product, the Ass Armour Tailbone Short. The padded shorts are supposed to protect snowboarders from injuring their backsides when on the slopes.


Here’s the Baltimore Business Journal with the pertinent details on Under Armour’s lawsuit:

The lawsuit accuses Ass Armor of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition and cybersquatting. The suit alleges Ass Armor infringes on Under Armour’s trademark and “Protect this House” slogan. Ass Armor’s tagline is somewhat similar: “Protect your Assets.” The complaint says Ass Armor uses a similar font to Under Armour and, like the Baltimore brand, displays its name across the waistband of its shorts. Under Armour in the suit demands a jury trial and requests the court to order Ass Armor to pay Under Armour any profits it received from the sale of its shorts, as well as damages and litigation fees. In a list of 14 demands, Under Armour is also requesting the court issue a permanent injunction barring Ass Armor from using the Ass Armor and “Protect your Assets” marks in any form. The company also asks the court order the company to destroy all products, packaging, signage, advertisements and other materials containing the “Ass Armor” or “Protect your Assets” marks. Under Armour further requested the court order Ass Armor to transfer its web domain name, assarmor.com, to Under Armour.

As much as I wanna side with the company with ass in their name, I gotta agree with Under Armour on this one. Ass Armour has clearly ripped off UA, so UA is completely justified in taking legal action against them. I’m no lawyer, but I think Ass Armour should throw in the towel. Just give Kevin Plank whatever he wants and start the rebranding process immediately. Why delay the inevitable when I’ve already got the perfect spokesman lined up for your new and improved Ass Aide Shorts?


I can smell the cold, hard cash already.

via Baltimore Business Journal & Ass Armour
cover pic: Ass Armour

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