Ugly But Effective or a Thing of Beauty? Also Cundiff, Rice, and Phil Taylor is B.S.

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Don’t you just love it when people bitch and moan about a win? It’s ridiculous, but it seems par for the course in this town. The Ravens have won “ugly” for years, they know it and admit it, and yesterday was no different. We, as fans, should be used to it. I think we should also change our perspective on this. People get too caught up in slick offenses and fantasy numbers. Granted, at some point in the season, the offense has to click, we certainly wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl without the play of the Joe Flacco and the offense, but the NFL is also about defense, mental toughness, and getting the win at all cost. So maybe these grinding and physical games are beautiful too. I know I thought Sunday’s win was a beautiful win, and so should you. It was a tough and gusty performance by a group that will do whatever it takes to get the win. If it’s throwing that gets the job done like it did during the Super Bowl run, then we’ll throw it. If it’s grinding out a victory against a tough and bitter opponent, then that’s what we’ll do, and that’s exactly what the Ravens did on Sunday. The Browns haven’t beaten the Ravens in five years. They always play the Ravens tough, but they can’t get over the hump. That makes them extremely angry and that’s how they played yesterday. Also the Browns know the Ravens well and divisional games are usually brutal affairs, even between perennial playoff teams and perennial losers, it’s just the way the NFL is. So the fact that the Ravens wore down the Browns and put them away late makes no difference. The fact that they put ’em away is all that matters.

Weeden got the shit kicked out of him all day long.

In fact, the defense played a beautiful game. Was it perfect? Of course not, and the Ravens caught a few breaks when the Browns couldn’t execute on some wide open plays, but Baltimore was all over Brandon Weeden. The Browns QB was consistently harassed, hit, and sacked. Weeden was sacked five times and was knocked out of the game with a little over three minutes left. The defense was fast and physical, especially in the second half, where the Browns gained only 85 total yards. Anytime the opposition is kept out of the end zone, ther’s good D being played babes.

And the offense wasn’t all bad. Sure the first half wasn’t pretty, with its two dropped TD passes, other dropped passes, an ineffective run game and missed filed goals. But the Ravens adjusted. They decided to grind, to stay committed to the run no matter what and to rely on Flacco to hit the big pass play when they needed it. Weird, but that’s exactly what happened. The Ravens ran steadily and effectively and Cool Joe hit 10 of 12 2nd half passes for 102 yards and a TD to Marlon Brown. Flacco was 7 of 8 on third down, which kept the ball, and the clock, moving. Throw in a Bernard Pierce TD and it’s a dominating second half and a 14-6 win. Ugly? Call it whatever you want, I’ll call it winning football, and fucking beautiful.

Isn’t irony ironic? Billy Cundiff, of New England shank fame, came back to Baltimore with the Browns. He was effectively booed. But wasn’t it odd that he drilled both his field goal attempts while Mr. Reliable, Justin Tucker, missed both of his? Not to mention the fact that on the Ravens first offensive possession they didn’t catch what should have been a TD pass and then they failed on the field goal try. All the guy has to do is be in the building and that happens? The Diff has fucking a brutal aura in this town and I’m glad he’s outta here.

Phil Taylor implied that Ray Rice spit on him. Bullshit. Tough to spit on someone with your mouth piece in.

Also Ray Rice looks like he’ll be okay, which is good news. What is not good news is that several morons gave Ray Rice shit on twitter, talking about his performance in regards to their fantasy teams. Assholes. I would never have a twitter account if I were a professional athlete because people suck. To attack a guy as cool as Ray Rice especially sucks.

Was the measurement when Cleveland went for it on fourth down the closest measurement that favored a defense in history? And don’t you love how the NFL tries to make the inexact science of spotting a football look exact by using chains and replays? Ridiculous. Computer chips in balls and cross-field sensors are coming one day, believe it.

Marlon Brown is going to be very good. He’s big, has hands, Flacco likes him, and he has a nose for the goal line. 80 catches and 1,000 yards may be in this kid’s future.

Joe and Marlon are friends.

A cheer for Tandon Doss, who actually contributed in a real NFL game. He’s had a couple of real nice punt returns. Now maybe he can catch a pass or two.

Nice work Dana Flacco.

Next week Ed Reed comes home as the Texans come to town.

Let’s Go Ravens!




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  1. Ugly! Hopefully Rice is OK we only have 2 running backs on the roster.

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