Uganda Track Olympian Eats It HARD Into The Hurdle

Sports and Bets — August 18, 2016 at 3:53 am by


I know Olympians don’t think this way, but if we’re being honest, anyone who goes face first into the hurdle probably wasn’t looking at the most realistic shot at gold here from the get go, so I can’t sit here and say he “lost out on the gold” and be totally serious about it. But there’s something about scrapping your face on the hurdle after you tripped and fell into it in front of the entire world that you just don’t get over as an athlete. That’s the track and field version of Sanchez’s butt fumble. This guy will never be the same. He’s Austin Powers when he lost his mojo. White Goodman when he ate himself to death after loosing to Average Joe’s. Just a shell of himself. Once a proud steeplechaser from the country of Uganda, soon enough he’ll be sitting in bars watching his old highlight films screaming curse words at the tvs in between sexually harassing the bartender and shots of rail bourbon. It’s a long dark road for these types of athletes. Seen it a thousand times.



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