Uber and The State of Maryland Are Fighting: Should Uber Be Regulated As A Car For Hire?

News — August 6, 2014 at 9:49 pm by

Baltimore Sun-  Ruling that the popular ride-sharing company Uber Technologies is subject to the same regulations imposed on other for-hire vehicle services in the state, state regulators at the same time ordered a revision of those rules to reflect the changing business.  The Maryland Public Service Commission ruled Wednesday that Uber is a common carrier like other for-hire car services, a decision that the company opposed, saying it threatened its business model. Yet the commission also ordered its staff to begin crafting new rules for such for-hire companies, saying it recognizes “that many industry changes and technological advances have occurred since these regulations were adopted, including the everyday use of the Internet.”

For the first time in years I actually agree with the State.  It’s a fucking taxi, so yes they should be regulated. How anyone could argue otherwise is beyond me. You call, they pick you up, you pay. That’s what taxis and cars-for-hire do. It doesn’t matter if a meter sets the price or some app on your own phone bills you. Pay the driver direct or pay the mystery company in the phone, you’re still paying for a ride.  Money, gas, ass, or grass, nobody rides for free, babes. Not even Uber.

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  1. Regulations are bullshit. They protect the cab unions that is about it. Uber works unlike the cabs that never show up.

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