Ubaldo Didn’t Impress The Chode In Aberdeen Start

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Ubaldo Jimenez made his first rehab start coming off of an ankle injury Tuesday night for the Aberdeen Iron Birds. The Chode was up north to check out Ubaldo’s start, and he wasn’t impressed to say the least.



Coming into the season, Jimenez was a huge addition to the roster and so far he hasn’t lived up to the hype. While Ubaldo has been out with a bad ankle our other starters have stepped up and performed, and I’m not sure where the Orioles would even put Ubaldo when he’s ready to return. Especially after watching him struggle against a ball batters Tuesday night.

 In 4.2  innings Ublado gave up 5 hits and 3 walks. It’s a rehab start so stats don’t mean everything, but after sitting in the stands Tuesday night as Ubaldo loaded the bases twice, I can’t say I’m expecting too much from Jimenez down the backstretch of the season. If our current rotation continues to pitch the way they have since the all-star break my thought is this: put Ubaldo in the pen. Make him earn that money. I don’t think you can put Jimenez back in the rotation just because of what his contract is.  The Birds are in a pennant chase, and we need our best arms starting.  From what I saw Tuesday night, Jimenez isn’t one of those players right now.

On the plus side down on the farm, it was nice to see the Iron Birds get a walk off win coming compliments of their catcher and Calvert Hall Alumni, Alex Murphy. Murphy was 3-4 with a HR, a Double, an intentional walk, and lastly, the walk-off single.


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