Two Teenagers Call 911 After Getting Really, Really High And Getting Lost In A Bush

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Police in Barrie, Ontario got a 911 call this week from two 19-year-olds, saying they were lost, and couldn’t find their way out of a bush. Police reported that it was clear they were under the influence of some type of drug. When they found the two men, they were “silently staring off into the sky.” After several attempts to talk to them, they finally responded, when police determined they had “consumed an illicit drug and were extremely disoriented.”

If there’s ever been a story that parents can point to and be like “kids, this is why you don’t do drugs,” here it is. I mean you have to be high out of your mind to not be able to find your way out of a bush. It actually sort of sounds like a good time though. Like you and your friend are on some impossible mission to find your way out of a bush, narrowly escaping death behind every branch. Kind of like when you used your imagination as a kid. Except this is real life. Bushes ain’t no joke.

via The Star

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