Two Old Drunk Dudes Got Into An Extremely Sloppy Fight

Humor — July 21, 2014 at 2:37 pm by

That was easily the worst fight between senior citizens that I’ve seen since Stallone and De Niro in Grudge Match. Those poor, drunken, old men couldn’t stay on their feet to save their lives. It looked like they were trying to fight while rollerblading on marbles. But I would love to know what the hell caused that skirmish in the first place. Stolen boner pills? Cheating during a high-stakes pinochle game? Grabbing the last cup of bread pudding at lunch? The world will never know what fueled the fire for this geriatric heavyweight clash.

I do know that this old hell-raiser wants next.


What he’s lost in strength over the years, he’s made up for it in street fight savvy.

via LiveLeak

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