Two Men Throw Snake At Tim Hortons Employee Over Diced Onions Argument

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Earlier today, two picky eating, snake enthusiasts made a scene at a Tim Hortons in Saskatoon, Canada. Here’s The Star Pheonix with the details behind this bizarre incident.

Staff told police that two male customers were arguing with an employee about their breakfast order – specifically that they wanted their onions diced. When the argument escalated, one of the men reached into the pocket of the other man, pulled out a garter snake and threw it behind the counter.

It was reported that staff members “fled the store in fear” when the snake was tossed. No fucking shit. There’s no way in hell that I’m tangoing with Kaa from The Jungle Book for minimum wage. Luckily, no one was hurt, and the snake was nonvenomous. The two men are both 20 years old, and have been charged with mischief and causing a disturbance. Personally, I think those charges are awfully light for a crime of this magnitude. You’ve got to come down hard on these nutjobs and set a precedent that using snakes as weapons will not be tolerated. Today, it was a garter snake over some diced onions. Tomorrow, it could be a rattlesnake over being charged extra for guac. You give these creeps and their slimy, slippery killing machines an inch and they will take a mile. Samuel L. gets it. Enough is enough!

via The Star Phoenix & Deadspin
cover pic: SportsKeeda

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