Two Arrested For Stealing & Crashing Anne Arundel County School Bus

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24-year-old Travis Edward Champagne (great fucking name) and 24-year-old Nicole Jo-Ann Adams were drunk and looking for change to buy cigarettes early this morning. Instead of trying the usual places like under couch cushions or rarely used pockets, they opted for a school bus on a lot at 1229 Generals Highway in Crownsville. Apparently unsatisfied with the amount of money on the bus, they decided to steal it. I guess they were planning a school bus for cigarettes blockbuster trade. But before they could get their wheelin’ and dealin’ on for their nicotine fix, they hit a BGE tower and crashed the bus near Governors Bridge Road and Strawberry Run in Davidson. They tried to set the bus on fire after the crash, but they fucked that up as well.


WJZ has reported that, “Champagne and Adams have been charged with first-degree burglary, theft over $100,000, destruction of property over $100,000 and attempted arson.” Luckily, no children were on the bus during the robbery, but it’s unclear if any bagged lunches were stolen. Police should probably bring that damn Sasquatch in for questioning just in case.

via WJZ & WBAL
cover and top pic from WJZ
2nd pic from WBAL

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