Twitter Employee Deactivated Trump’s Account For 11 Minutes On Their Last Day

News — November 3, 2017 at 8:03 am by

On Thursday evening, President Trump’s personal Twitter account was deactivated for 11 minutes. This wasn’t a glitch in the system, this was an employee pulling the plug on their last day with the company.

While I’m over here casually dropping my senior prank story to anyone that will listen, someone is out there shutting down the President’s Twitter on their way out.  Which brings me to a thought. Who would’ve thought that a deactivated social media page could cause a shitstorm? Yesterday, Twitter was like the Wild West of politics for 11 minutes. Also, how easy was it for someone to just waltz over an press deactivate on the President’s account?

Now Trump is going to lose his shit for the next few mornings…

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