Turns Out The Orioles Offer To Mark Trumbo Was A Bit Less Than Originally Thought

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The previous report looked a little more like this:



Turns out that apparently that wasn’t the case.



I said from the beginning that I loved how the Orioles were handling the Mark Trumbo free agency. If it’s true that Trumbo was looking for a four year, 75 million dollar contract, then the Orioles lowballed that significantly. And I thought this was the right approach to take. Basically tell Trumbo that we’re not willing to pay you top dollar, but if you’re price comes down we’d love to have you back.

Well it looks like the Orioles offer was even less serious than we thought and even more of a lowball, and at the time of the Winter Meetings, you would have never expected Trumbo to have to settle for an offer like this. But here we are in the middle of January, and Trumbo has no job for this coming season, and it looks like the Orioles have played this very well.



And looks like we could be back on after all:




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