Turns Out, The Dude Walking A Goat Down Belair Rd. Has A Goal To Reach

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Did anyone else catch the goat trekking down Route 1 yesterday?  Driving through Perry Hall, I notice a guy and a goat just making their way down the road like it’s another day in the neighborhood. I thought it was peculiar for about a half a second, then I realized that there are parts of Belair rd. where this isn’t strange at all. Putting on my research cap (aka a buddy text me a link), I found out that this wasn’t just a rt 1 crazy guy, terrorizing town with his goat.

As it turns out, this dude’s name is Steve Wescott, and he is walking a goat across America. Steve and his goat, Miles, are walking from Seattle to Times Square to raise money for the non-profit, Uzima Outreach.


 He found himself pursuing this mission to walk 3,800 miles from the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington to Times Square in New York. He desired to partner with an organization; one that he could raise awareness for and help fund an orphanage. Meanwhile, across the world, Steve’s best friend — Stephen Turner (AKA ST) — was serving as a missionary in Nairobi, Kenya. ST, along with a native Kenyan named Fred, established a non-profit organization called Uzima Outreach.  Starting out solely as a substance abuse program, they quickly realized the importance of a opening a children’s home to rescue the orphaned children in hope of stopping the cycle of addiction and abandonment.  After serving a year, ST came back to America and shared his experiences with Steve when everything just clicked. It was clear that the Lord had been setting the course for Uzima and Needle2Square to partner in what the Lord was doing in the slums of Nairobi…Continue Reading

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