True Detective Was Freakin’ Awesome. If You Haven’t Seen It, Drop Everything and Watch.

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by Babes

Is anybody more on top of the world right now than Matthew McConaughey? He just won an Oscar for best actor, and his television show True Detective just finished up its eight-episode first season to glowing reviews.  Seriously, everyone I talk to is buzzing about the show, and personally I can’t remember being more excited for a show’s finale (although I’m not happy about the season being over).  Without spoiling it for anybody (there are spoilers later), the ending was phenomenal.

It’s hard for me to even explain how great this show is.  I wrote in an earlier review of the show  stating that the dialogue and complex character development was what I initially loved about the show.  After watching all eight episodes, I’m convinced that this is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on TV.  I literally was hanging on every word that McConaughey’s character, Rusty Cohle, uttered throughout the show.  His character was fascinating with all his theories and philosophies on everything from God, to life, and love.  I can’t think of a more complex and utterly captivating character.  I really hope that when the DVD comes out, they have a highlight reel of all of Rusty Cohle’s great soliloquies.

Woody Harrelson was just as spectacular in his portrayal of Marty Hart.  This is not an entirely new concept, having “A” list actors doing TV, but hopefully it swings the door more open to the concept.  The way that Hart and Cohle played off one another was like nothing I’ve ever seen before in a cop drama.

Without reveling too much of the final episode, I just want to comment on how chilling the actor was that played the killer.  Glenn Fleshler, who also plays Remus on Boardwalk Empire, was just lain eerie as the inbred, “yellow monster”, Errol.  We got our first glimpse of him in episode three when Cohle unknowingly came across him cutting the lawn of an abandoned school.  He was revealed as the killer at the end of episode seven when the two present day agents working the case unknowingly stumbled upon him asking for directions.  That was by far the best scene I’ve seen on television in years. Errol is revealed as the man with the scars as he, in his slow southern draw, gives the agents directions.  The agents hastily drive off as the man is still talking, and as he gets off his tractor and mutters the phrase, “my family has been here for years.”  Maybe I’m a nerd for this shit, but I watched that scene four damn times.

I could go on and on about why I think this was the best show on TV, but I’ll just give it my glowing recommendation.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, do yourself a favor and power watch the whole season on a rainy afternoon and evening, you won’t be disappointed.  You can watch True Detectives On Demand if you have HBO.

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