Travis Pastrana Successfully Jumped The Fountain At Caesars Palace

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — July 8, 2018 at 11:06 pm by

On Sunday night, Annapolis native Travis Pastrana set out to pay tribute to stunt legend Evel Kneivel by replicating three of his most legendary motorcycle jumps. Pastrana wanted to recreate the concepts of Kneivel, but not without increasing the expectations. Kneivel jumped over 50 cars,  so Pastrana set out for 52. 16 Greyhound buses? No problem. To top it off, Pastrana successfully jumped the fountain at Caesars Palace in Vegas(watch Evel’s attempt). Most difficult part of this shit? Calculating the speed Pastrana needed to reach to account for his massive balls. What a legend.

52 car jump

16 Greyhounds

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