Trader Joe’s Corn and Chile Salsa Is Freakin’ Delicious

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The O’s game went extra innings last night, which of course means I needed to stuff my face with some sort of snack to take the edge off of the late-night, high-drama, baseball.  Plus, since I eat dinner at like, 5:30, if I’m up past 10 P.M. I’m hungry as hell anyway.  (It’s tough being an overweight American.) So, after Darren O’Day got himself out of his ninth inning jam, I made a beeline for the kitchen and quickly foraged for some munch-grub.  Lucky for me, the wizza had just recently made a stop at Trader Joe’s and sitting there in the fridge was a jar of their Corn and Chile Tomato-Less salsa.  She had raved about this stuff earlier, so I decided to give it whirl.  With it I grabbed a bag of Late July Sweet Potato Corn Chips and plopped back down in front of the boob-tube to take in the rest of the baseball game.

Booom!  Home run, babes, and I’m not taking about the Crush Davis bomb that put the O’s in the lead, I’m talking about the salsa.  Absolutely delicious.  In fact, I find it impossible that this salsa sat in a jar on a shelf, in a grocery store.  It taste almost fresh. It’s light, spicy, sweet, and unique.  This isn’t your everyday red salsa, it’s Tomato-Less, meaning without tomatoes, so the corn is the base.  With the red peppers and spices adding sweetness and a kick, you really can’t go wrong with this stuff as a snack.  Great for summer, it probably goes very well with an ice-cold Corona.  (In sticking with the summer and Tex-Mex themes, babes.)  It will also make a delicious tailgating snack come Ravens’ season.

The Sweet Po Tortilla Chips went great with the salsa, but this stuff is so good I can’t imagining it going poorly with any kind of chip or cracker.  Shit, when the small amount of chips I had ran out, I was dipping a spoon in the salsa bowl just to polish it off.

Added bonus: The salsa isn’t five or six bucks a jar like you would expect, from what the wizza said, the salsa cost somewhere around two dollars a jar.

So run into Trader Joe’s and get some of this salsa, it makes for a great game-day munch.

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